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Understanding, Healing, Growing.

It's not always easy to reach out for support,

but doing so implies that at least a part of you believes you

deserve and need help, and I would love to offer that to you.

Areas I Work With

I generally employ a trauma-informed approach in the areas below, which means that "big" event traumas or "small"/adverse-life events are part of the way in which I assess and work with people's difficult experiences.


Anxiety & Anger

Helping you to manage generalised anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, and difficulties managing anger.

Ink Mark

Loss or Bereavement

Supporting you with loss or change, which can be overwhelming, confusing, and intolerable.

Sad Girl

Low Mood/Depression

Helping you with low mood, low motivation, and feeling hopeless.

Grunge Triangle - Black

Self-Esteem &

Lack of Direction

Helping you build your relationship with yourself and helping you find purpose and develop a stable sense of self.

Watercolor Stain


I employ trauma-specific therapy (EMDR) for those who have experienced traumatic or adverse-life events and would like to process them in a more targeted way.

Illustrated Family

Relationship or Family Problems

Helping you identify relationship patterns from your past and present that may be affecting you and preventing you from having the kind of relationship that will meet your needs.

My Approach

There are three main areas that are a fundamental part of how I work.

I draw and integrate from a variety of different therapeutic models. This enables a flexible and holistic way of helping people. See "My Therapeutic Approach" for more.

Tailored To Your Needs

Clients at different stages of change or with different needs may find one therapetic approach more beneficial than another. I work collaboratively with clients and seek regular feedback to ensure the work is helping them.

Short- or Long-Term

There are different reasons why clients may prefer short-term therapy (6-15 sessions) or long-term therapy (beyond 15 sessions). I am flexible and try to accommodate every client's circumstances. I usually suggest we start with six sessions (after the initial meeting) and continue to review.

What I Offer

I offer three types of service for individuals.

Drinking Coffee

Individual Therapy

I offer both online (via Zoom) or face-to-face therapy.



My aim is to provide a space to support you with your client work, and ultimately to help you discover and/or continue developing or maintaining your own authentic style.  I facilitate an open space to explore both your clients' and your own material as it may arise in the context of the work.  I generally accommodate many therapeutic approaches because I value the practical efficacy or instrumental outcomes over a therapeutic modality's theoretical underpinnings.

Illustrated Family

Private Healthcare & Employment Assistance

I work with organisations offering Employer Assistance Programmes (EAP). Specifically, I am a provider for AXA Health. Firstly, please contact your healthcare provider, and then subsequently, please contact me with your pre-authorisation number and membership number.

What To Expect From Your First Contact & Session

I offer a brief 10-15 minute telephone call for any questions or concerns you may have prior to booking an initial consultation. If you decide you'd like to meet for an initial consultation, then I will send you my therapy contract for you to read and consent to.


The initial consultation allows me to learn more about you and your situation. You will also have the opportunity to ask me any questions. If you decide to continue with me after the initial consultation, we can arrange a regular weekly appointment.

There is also no obligation for you to continue with therapy if you no longer feel it is necessary or helpful, and this is something we can also discuss. I am happy to offer recommendations for other services, if needed.

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